Different Famous Surrealist Artists


Many people, especially those who don't love arts and history, don't know anything about surrealism. And if you are one of them, you need to go through this article and learn some essential details about it..


Surrealism is an art movement during the inter war years. This term is derived from the subtitle of a 1917 play 'Drame surrealiste', by Guillaume Apollinaire, an art critic and writer. This later evolved out to "anti art" Dada movement, whose members later became surrealists. But unlike the main goal of Dada, Surrlealist Artists New York was seen to gain positive philosophy and not a rebellious art.


Originally, this was more focused on literature. But this quickly broadened that it encompasses contemporary visual art forms such as sculpture and painting. Artists wished to generate a new imagery through releasing the creative potential of unconscious mind.


Since then, many artists tried to create a new art by allowing their unconscious mind to have a creative work. Below are the names of amous Surrealist Art artists which had showed real art and heart in their works and pieces.


- Salvador Dali with famous works Galatea of the Spheres, The Burning Giraffe and The Persistence of Memory.


- Rene Magritte has three famous works namely The Menaced Assassin, The Son of Man and Time Transfixed.


- Aquis Submersus, The Elephant Celebes and Napoleon in the Wilderness are three famous works of Max Ernst.


- Figure with Meat and Painting (1946) are famous works of Francis Bacon, a known surrealist artist.


- The Melancholy of Departure is a famous work by Giorgio de Chirico.


- Frida Kahlo is known for his Self-Portrait with Thorn Necklace and Hummingbird.


- Joan Miro has several works like Still Life with Old Shoe, Self-Portrait and The Farm.


- Paul Klee has works such as Der Goldfisch, Revolution des Viadukts and Angelus Novus.


- Marcel Duchamp with his famous works Nude Descending a Staircase and No.2.


- Another is Man Ray which is known for famous works Untitled (Self-Portrait) and others.


- Another famous surrealist artist is Roberto Matta which is known for Hermala II, Listen to Living and The Vertigo of Eros.


- Yves Tanguy is known for Slowly Toward the North, Extinction of Useless Lights and Second Thoughts.


- La Poupee and The Machine Gun are two famous works of Hans Bellmer.


- Lucian Freud has several famous works and which include Two Japanese Wrestlers by a Sink and Woman with a Daffodil.


- Le Bon Roi Dagobert, Horses of Lord Candlestick and Temple of the word are famous works of Leonnora Carrington.


- Remedios Varo is known for Dragonfly Woman, The Call and Useless Science of the Alchemist.